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Our Values

We've come together to empower the people powering tomorrow. Here are the fundamental values that guide our collective journey to realizing that mission.

Positive Energy

We are optimistic about the abundant future we’re co-creating. We don’t trade in blame, fear, or doom.

Builder Focused

Our most important stakeholders are the ones who use our product to build something - Whether it’s a solar farm, a protocol, or something we can’t even imagine.

No Surprises

We over-communicate expectations and feedback. Whether it's a performance report, a product launch, or a service wind down, no one should be surprised when it happens.


In our assets, our products, and our operations, every stakeholder should know exactly what to expect.

Core Team

Jasmine Energy is led by seasoned technology executives with experience in grid engineering, energy, batteries, economics, blockchain and computer science.

Nathalie Capati

CoFounder & CEO

T. Dalton Combs PhD

Cofounder & CPO

Matt Mayberry

Cofounder & COO

Vince Enachescu PhD

Cofounder & CTO

Kai Aldag

Sr. Blockchain Engineer

Arvin Ansari

Sr. Software Engineer


Jasmine Energy is backed by leading investors from the technology, energy, climate, fintech and crypto industries. 

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