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Trade Live 24/7

Enriching energy markets

Track prices, verify generators, buy & sell EACs with certainty

Trade Live 24/7

Enriching energy markets

Track prices, verify generators, buy & sell EACs with certainty

Our energy compact

Powered on-grid, programmed on-chain

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Use Cases

Accessible markets for everyone

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For Developers

Program clean energy into your smart contracts, build with Jasmine to support renewable energy markets and partner with us to accelerate grid decarbonization.
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For Credit Suppliers

Upgrade your portfolio with always-on fair prices. Auto-sell EACs at a posted market price. Never need to call your broker ever again.
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For Climate Actors

Choose high impact and ensure accurate carbon accounting - rely on our trusted corperate grade, current vintage, solar, and wind RECs to support your sustainability objectives with certainty.
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For Traders

Grow market share, track price movements, implement robust risk management strategies, and trade efficiently with faster settlement and automatic retirement.
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You asked, we delivered.

EAC trading the way you want it:
Streamline Due Diligence
All generators are CRS listed with available generator data
EACs as Collateral
A win-win solution for financing and sustainability
Maximize Earnings
Turn EACs into a High-Yielding Asset
Be In The Know
The latest live energy prices
Accelerate Cash Flow
9-Second Settlement
Simplified Retirement Process
Easily retire EACs with just one click
Energy Industry Perspective

“Jasmine Energy streamlined the REC procurement making it easier and more efficient for me to buy & retire renewable energy certificates for my clients.”

Sustainability Consultant
SABIC, Subsidiary of Saudi Aramco
Regulators Perspective

“Jasmine Energy's innovative technology exemplifies the powerful synergy between renewable portfolio standards and markets in combating climate change.”

Winona French
U.S. Department of Energy
Generator Perspective

“Jasmine Energy is the only platform that empowers ESG and finance teams to make informed decisions together, their transparency gives us confidence to retire with them.”

Winona French
Crusoe Energy
Generator Perspective

“Thanks to the experts at Jasmine, navigating the complex REC market became hassle-free, allowing us to focus on our core operations.”

Winona French
Aspen Creek
Residential Perspective

“I only trust Jasmine. I just had solar installed and didn’t know where to find my RECs. Jasmine got on the phone to help get me set-up to sell. They’re the only one who tried to help me!”

Winona French
Residential Solar Owner, NJ

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Common Questions

What is an Energy Attribute Certificate?
An Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) is a tradeable asset that carries the social and environmental attributes of electrical energy. Electricity grids can measure the amount of energy that generators put on to a grid and the amount that consumers take off; however it cannot measure the ‘attributes’ of that energy. EACs exist to track those attributes, who generates them, and who consumes them.  Read more of the EPA.
How are Energy Attribute Certificates made?
In most countries, whenever a generator (solar farm, wind turbine, etc) generates a MWh of electrical energy it is entitled to a REC issued by their grid operator. 
How are Energy Attribute Certificates used?
EACs are used by state/federal regulators to monitor compliance with Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) mandates. They are also used by companies to back consumer-facing and investor-facing environmental claims.
What is an Renewable Energy Certificate?
In the US, Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) are most often referred to as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Read more from the EPA.
Are EACs securities? 
No. In the US, Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) are regulated as “non-financial commodities.” See this journal article or this non-profit report for a more in-depth analysis.
Can anyone buy/sell/own EACs?
Yes. Anyone who generates renewable electricity (including with rooftop solar) can generate and sell EACs. Anyone can also buy and retire EACs for their personal energy consumption.